Managed Print

Your business will save money and enjoy streamlined printing services when our experts maintain your printers, copiers, and inventory of supplies.

Printer malfunctions can be costly in more ways than one. There are direct costs like repair bills, and indirect costs that result from unproductive employees, but you don’t need to endure either one.

That’s because BCI offers small- and mid-sized businesses a Managed Print program that includes a team of certified print technicians to monitor and maintain your printers, as well as ensure there’s always enough toner and supplies on hand to get work done.

Managed Print services from BCI include:

  • Sales, installation, and configuration
  • Onsite technical support and repairs
  • Simplified Delivery- Customized Supply Routing Labels deliver the right supply, to the right device, every time
  • Predictive analytics- Comprehensive algorithms that look at usage patterns, rather than remaining toner levels
  • Affordable, all-inclusive monthly invoicing

We provide sales and service for all the leading printer makes and models, so if you decide to purchase equipment, receive repairs, or sign up for our monthly printer maintenance plan, we can meet your needs. Call today for a free consultation on how we can improve your office’s printing capabilities.